Sleeve Guards for Wheelchair Users

The Sleeve Guards for Wheelchair Users are designed to protect shirt sleeves, jackets, and skin against moisture and dirt from the wheels. The pair of durable sleeves are made to slip comfortably over the forearms. Sleeve Guards are used by manual wheelchair users for arm protection from pushing the wheelchair wheels, but they can be used by anyone looking to protect their arms. Wheelchair wheels, dirt and moisture can ruin expensive clothes. Theses sleeve protectors slip over the jacket and shirt sleeves to prevent stains. The sleeves feature adjustable straps for bulkier coats, sweaters or arms and elastic cuff for added protection. The Sleeve Guards for Wheelchair Users are made of light-weight nylon with urethane weather backing and DWR outer coating for maximum weather protection. Sleeve Guards for Wheelchair Users Instructions Sleeve Guards Specifications: Size: One size fits all. Material: Moisture-resistant nylon. Made in: U.S.A. Includes: One pair of sleeves. Measures: 30 inches long.