Sock Genie Basic with Foam Handles

The Sock Genie Basic with Foam Handles assists users who have difficulty bending to put on socks and stockings. The design of the sock trough with tab securely holds the sock in place for the user to pull the sock up over the lower leg. The Sock Genie Basic has braided cord rope with two foam handles that provide a soft but firm grip for pulling. This easy to use dressing aid for donning socks or light compression hose does not allow the sock to slip off. The center tab on the sock trough holds the sock firmly in place for a snug fit. The user first places the Sock Genie on their knee and positions the sock onto the blue sock trough, hooking the top of the sock over the center tab. The rigid design keeps the sock open. Next, the user lowers the loaded sock aid to the floor using the cords, and holds it in front of the foot about 1-2 inches above the floor. The user then slides their foot into the opened sock, pushing their toes into the sock while pulling back on the cord handle. The sock slides easily on to the user’s foot, over the heel and up the lower leg. Once sock is in place, the edge of the sock can be unhooked from the blue tab. Sock Genie Basic with Foam Handles Specifications: Sock trough measures: 8.5 inches long, 4.75 inches wide, 1.5 inch high. Cords measure: 16 inches long. Foam handles measure: 4 inches long, 1.25 inch diameter. Materials: ABS, no BPA or and Phthalates.