Sock Horse Sock Aid

The Sock Horse Sock Aid by Easy To Use Products helps users put on socks quickly and easily. The extra long handle makes it easy to reach the foot without bending or straining. The Sock Horse Sock Aid has a long ergonomic handle with ribbed thumb grips that make it easy to hold. This easy-to-use sock aid works with most types of menย’s and womenย’s socks, including crew socks, tube socks, ankle socks, and sports socks. Unlike other sock aids, the rubber grips prevent the sock from sliding off. The rubber grips are smooth and do not snag delicate socks or stockings. This sock aid does not stretch out socks because just the top of the sock goes on the grips. Simply insert the sock over the rubber tabs, and pull the sock onto your foot. The Sock Horse does not stretch out socks like other sock aids because the sock is not stretched over the outside of the sock aid. By loading the sock onto the inside, with just the top of the sock over the tabs, the socks are not stretched out and the skin never touches the plastic. The easy-to-grip handle has ribbed thumb grips and contoured finger grips. The Sock Horseยญ Sock Aid is an easy-to-use dressing aid designed to help users pull on socks quickly and easily. Sock Horse Sock Aid Specifications: Measures: 17 inches long, 4 inches high, 6 inches wide. Weighs: 0.3 lbs. Color: Taupe. Made in: USA.