Stander Letย’s Move Rollator

The Stander Letย’s Move Rollator is a lightweight wheeled walker that is easy to fold and stands by itself when folded. This elegant walking aid with aluminum frame is easy for users with limited mobility to handle. The Stander Letย’s Move Rollator has a lightweight frame that allows users to easily fold it for storing or transporting. This walking aid only weighs 12.8 pounds, making it one of the lightest aluminum rollators in the world. Beautiful and elegant, the ergonomically designed rubber handles adjust to provide optimal gripping positions. There is both a parking brake and a regular brake that do not have any visible wires, and are easy to engage. Users can easily carry personal items in the removable storage bag with shoulder strap. The handle height adjusts from 30.5 to 36.5 inches. When a rest break is needed, the built-in seat and back rest provide comfortable support. Users will find the Stander Letย’s Move Rollator swedish-designed walking aid safe and practical for increasing mobility. Trust Care Letย’s Move Rollator by Stander Information Trust Care Letย’s Move Rollator by Stander Instructions Stander Letย’s Move Rollator Specifications: Choose color: Black or Gray. Dimensions Overall width 24.6 inches, Length 25.6 inches. Weight: 12.8 pounds. Weight limit: 350 pounds. Handle height adjusts: 30.5 ย– 36.5 inches. Seat height: 23.6 inches. Wheel diameter: 8 inches. Maximum bag load: 26.5 lbs.