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SUNzyme Odor Neutralizer 8 oz Spray


SUNzyme Odor Neutralizer 8oz Spray is a natural, water based odor neutralizer that eliminates odors instead of simply masking them. The ingredients used in this odor neutralizing spray have been used regularly in food flavors and have a long history of safety. The formula consists of a blend of natural oils that are non-toxic, biodegradable and safe for the environment.SUNzyme is effective everywhere…..HOUSE AND HOME: Carpets, pet litter boxes, cigarette smoke, drains,kitchen, laundry, painting fumes, mildew, shoe odorHOSPITALS, SCHOOLS, DAY CARE: Gymnasiums, elevators, locker rooms, waste disposal areas, linen, urinals, vomit, toilets, bedpans, carpets, drains,diaper pailsANIMAL AREAS: Floor surfaces, kennels, litter boxes, wall surfaces, urineodorsTRANSPORT: Air conditioners, atmosphere, cigarette smoke, carpet, floor&wall surfaces, garbage disposal, vehicle, toilets, urine, vomitFOOD AREAS: Kitchens, produce markets, food halls,garbage bins, garlic odor, oven cleaner odorsHEALTH CLUBS, RESTAURANTS, HOTELS, OFFICES: Toilet Areas, wastedisposal areas, garbage areas, elevators, concrete surfaces, cigarette smoke, fire damage, kitchen odors, perspirationATMOSPHERE: Carpets, urinals, ash traysSUNzyme neutralizes malodors by efficiently eliminating organic odors with organics. What actually causes malodors is organic matter decomposing. The typical odor causing molecule derives from oxygen, water, bacteria, and organic matter decomposing together, which emits a gaseous odor. This is the unpleasant odor we smell. SUNzyme is food grade approved, environmentally safe and user friendly, allowing the widest range of uses.SUNzyme Odor Neutralizer 8 oz Spray Specifications:Size: 8 oz spray bottle.Made in: USA.Ingredients: Natural botanical extracts, distilled water, unscented.Includes: One 8 oz bottle SUNzyme Odor Neutralizer Spray.Directions: Mist high into the air (aim toward the ceiling) or spray directly on the odor or surface. Strong odors may require a second application. The light SUNzyme mist will fall down thru the atmosphere and attach itself to the malodor and eliminate it.

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