Tennis Ball Glides for Walkers

The Tennis Ball Glides for Walkers are a pair of durable tennis balls with internal stabilization for walkers. People using a rolling walker for mobility will find these glides helpful for making their walker move smoothly. Indoors or out, nothing beats the stability and versatility of these Tennis Ball Glides for Walkers! Indoors, the balls glide quietly glide over linoleum and wood floors without leaving any marks. Outdoors, the round shape and tough exterior are the perfect combination for overcoming rough, uneven surfaces. Inside each ball glide is a molded, internal stabilizer that provides exceptional stability. The stabilizer securely attaches the tennis ball onto the walker leg, and protects the tennis ball from the sharp edges of the walker leg, extending the life of the glide. The Tennis Ball Glides for Walkers work on any standard walker with 1 inch diameter tubing. Tennis Ball Glide Specifications: Fits: 1 inch diameter tubing. Includes: One pair. Material: Latex free.