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The Family Guide to Alzheimer’s Disease Video Series


An indispensable resource offering encouragement and instruction to those affected by Alzheimer’s Disease. For many families, Alzheimer’s means a gradually diminishing quality of life both for the sufferer and caregivers. All too often, the disease has led to isolation—and even a certain social stigma. It can impose psychological and emotional burdens just as heavy as the physical one. Available in VHS and DVD The Family Guide to Alzheimer’s Disease was created to help families understand what to expect; deal effectively with the challenge of this disease; help their loved ones meet each day more successfully; and enhance the quality of life for all involved. Understanding Alzheimer’s, Volume 1, 62 minutes In this volume you’ll learn about the nature of Alzheimer’s, its causes and the stages of the disease. You’ll also learn some of the typical symptoms, how to obtain a diagnosis and the current treatments. Finally, you’ll learn how the disease affects our loved ones and alters the reality in which they live. Volume one covers: • Overview of Dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease • Symptoms • Diagnosis • Stages of Alzheimer’s • Treatment • Telling Others • Patient perspective Behavior Issues, Volume 2, 67 minutes Alzheimer’s changes almost everything about the way our loved ones perceive the world—and how they respond to it. One of the keys to helping our loved ones continue to live as successfully as possible is to understand this changed, strange world. In this volume you’ll learn more about how Alzheimer’s affects our loved ones—and how those effects typically change the person’s behavior. You’ll also learn successful strategies for “redirecting” that behavior in ways that help your loved one and your family enjoy a better quality of life. Volume two covers: • Overview • Agitation • Hallucinations • Wandering • Sleeplessness/Sundowning • Incontinence • Inappropriate Actions • Redirection • Fiblets Daily Life, Volume 3, 42 minutes As you come to understand more about the altered world of an Alzheimer’s sufferer, you’ll learn effective strategies for making your home environment a safe place where your loved one can live successfully. You’ll also learn key skills for communicating with persons suffering from Alzheimer’s and how to create a daily routine that is nurturing for your loved one and manageable for you. Volume three covers: • Home Environment • Driving • Adult Emotions • Communication • Daily Routine Family Caregiving, Volume 4, 62 minutes In this volume, you’ll learn how to handle the daily responsibilities of caring for a loved one, such as eating, dressing, grooming and bathing. Just as important, you’ll learn how to get the outside help from family, friends and other resources that can be critical for safeguarding your own health. Volume four covers: • Role of the Caregiver • Taking Care of Yourself • Accepting Support • Respite • Sexual Relationships • Family Relationships • Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) • Eating • Bathing • Dressing Transitions, Volume 5, 44 minutes In this final volume, you’ll learn how to make some difficult transitions. You’ll learn how to adapt social activities to accommodate your loved one’s increasing disability and isolation. You’ll also learn how to recognize when the time has come to consider moving your loved one to a care facility (and how to evaluate these facilities). You’ll learn how the disease affects a person’s spirituality, and you’ll gain insights from others who have gone through the process of grieving the loss of a loved one for whom they have provided years of care. Volume five covers: • Social Activates • Spiritual Issues • Care Facilities • Grief Available in DVD and VHS

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