Twiddle Cat Activity Muff

The TwiddleยฎCat Activity Muff is a playful activity and comfort aid with multiple sensory stimulating attachments, designed for users with dementia and those with a wide range of sensory-related conditions. This adapted hand warmer features soft, cozy, fleecy fur with rich satin embellishments. The TwiddleยฎCat provides something to hold, manipulate, and fidget, which can have a calming effect on people who suffer from dementia, autism, or anyone soothed by repetitive tactile motion. Hands and mind are kept active and engaged by the interior soft-plastic orbit ball, a sealed satin crackle pouch, a loop of multi-colored wooden beads, streaming textured ribbons, and a Velcroยฎ pull patch. All Twiddlesยฎ are machine washable and dryer-friendly. (Just remember to remove all gadgets first.) TwiddleยฎCat Activity Muff Specifications: Color: Brown. Materials: Fleece with satin embellishments. Measures: 12 inches long. Weight: 10 oz. Care: Machine washable and dryer-friendly. (Remove all gadgets first.)