Weighted Button Aid

The Weighted Button Aid is a buttoning tool with a heavy, built-up, rubber handle. The handle has internally added weight to assist in stabilizing the hand for people with tremors or unsteady grip. The Weighted Button Aid has a large, star design handle that measures 5 inches long and has a 1-1/8 inch diameter that is more comfortable to grip. The weighted handle helps stabilize an unsteady hand and improve grip. The large plastic vinyl grip has finger grooves that prevent dressing aid from rolling in the user’s hand. The stainless steel wire loop assists users in securing buttons. Insert the wire form through the button hole, slip the wire over the button, the pull the button back through the button hole to secure the button in place. The Weighted Button Aid weighs 8 ounces to provide users with hand tremors, Parkinson’s, stroke added stability to make buttoning easier. Weighted Button Aid Specifications: Handle measures: 1-1/8 inch diameter, 5 inches long. Overall Length: 7.5 inches. Weight: Approximately 8 oz.