Zip Grips Zipper Rings

The Zip Grips Zipper Rings are durable 1 inch black plastic rings that easily snap onto zipper tabs. These large plastic rings are much easier to manipulate and requires less strength to pull than common small zipper tabs found on most clothing. People who have difficulty pulling zippers will find these large rings helpful. The Zip Grips Zipper Rings include a package of 6 durable plastic rings that are washable. After wearing a favorite shirt or jacket with the Zip Grip, the garment and the ring can be washed. Zip Grips can be attached to clothing, jackets, or any zippered item. The zipper tab must have a hole to attach the Zip Grips Zipper Rings. Each package includes six Zip Grips zipper rings. Zip Grips Zipper Rings are helpful for people with reduced finger strength and coordination to pull zipper tabs. Buy 3 or more and Save $$. Click on Quantity Discount Pricing Above. Zip Grips Zipper Rings Specifications: Rings measure: 1 inch. Attaches to: Zipper tabs with an opening. Package includes: Six Zip Grips zipper rings.