Apex 7 AM/PM Detach-N-Go XL Pill Box

The Apex 7 AM/PM Detach-N-Go XL Pill Box is a twice a day medication and vitamin organizer with detachable pill boxes. Each AM-PM over-sized compartment is detachable and removable and holds twenty-five aspirin sized pills. The seven interlocking pill compartments are self contained with snap on lids that form a tight seal to protect your medications and vitamins. The curved sides help make removing pills easier. The compartments are labeled with easy to read day identification and Braille markings. To detach an AM-PM pill compartment, simply slide the desired compartment apart by pulling up on one side while holding the remaining compartments in place. To reattach the compartment, line up the interlocking groove of the bottom of one compartment with the top of the interlocking groove of the other compartment. Slide one up while sliding the other one down to complete reattaching the desired sections. This seven day portable pill organizer is designed for multiple medications and large vitamin supplements. Buy 3 or more and Save $$. Click on Quantity Discount Pricing Above. Apex 7 AM/PM Detach-N-Go XL Pill Box Specifications: Measures: 7.38 inches long, 3.38 inches wide, 1.25 inch high. Each compartment capacity: 50 aspirin size pills. Color: Green, pink, white. Includes: One 7 AM/PM Detach-N-Go XL Pill Box. Model: DGF00203.