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In the Kitchen

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On The Move

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Around the House

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Large Grip Swivel Fork

The Large Grip Swivel Fork is a self-leveling stainless steel fork that helps prevent food from sliding off. The swivel mechanism helps people with hand tremors, limited wrist movement, or poor coordination

Evo OT Ware Easy Grip Utensils

The Evo OT Ware Easy Grip Utensils feature ergonomically designed, easy to grip handles that can be held in almost any position. The large angled handles are easy to grasp, easy to

Fun Bites Triangle Food Cutter

The FunBites Triangle Food Cutter has curved blades that quickly cut food into small bites and a matching top that pops out the pieces. This adapted food cutting aid quickly creates 10

Fun Bites Hearts Food Cutter

FunBites Hearts Food Cutter is an adapted cutting tool with a curved blade to cut food into bite-sized easy to eat pieces. The matching popper top ejects the food. Use this food

Twixit Bag Clips :: Package of 20

The Twixit Bag Clips Package of 20 are easy to use clips for bread bags, chip bags, or other food storage bags. These colorful plastic clamps are easily opened and snapped closed

Grip Solutions Activity Pad

The Grip Solutions Activity Pad is a multiple use mat with non-slip texture that prevents items from sliding around during transport or everyday tasks. The durable, textured surface of this tray liner

Grip Solutions Hand Grip

The Grip Solutions Hand Grip is a durable universal cuff made from textured non-slip material with a pocket for holding the handle of an eating utensil, hair brush or comb, or other

Spout Lids

These Spout Lids are replacement spout lids for Kinsman insulated cups and weighted mugs. Package of three tube lids fit Kinsman insulated cup 16032 and weighted cup 16043. Opaque one inch long

Anti-Splash Lids

Package of three Anti-Splash Lids are replacement lids for Kinsman insulated cup 16031, and weighted cup 16042. These black plastic no spill lids have a recessed top with small opening to help

Juvo E-Z Open Grip Claw

The Juvo E-Z Open Grip Claw helps open containers and jars. This gripping aid features a claw that allows you to use all four fingers and your thumb for gripping and opening

Juvo E-Z Open Grip Mitt

The Juvo E-Z Open Grip Mitt improves your grip for opening jar lids that just won t budge. This soft gripping mitt is made of padded silicone material to protect your hands.The

Easi-Grip Carving Fork

The Easi-Grip Carving Fork easily pierces many meats and aids in holding food while cutting. Carving Fork measures 5 3/4 inches long.The handles of Easi-Grip Knives and Utensils are molded in a

Easy Grip Jar and Bottle Opener

The Easy Grip Jar and Bottle Opener is a kitchen aid that easily opens jars and bottles. The cat-shaped device has a cone-shaped head designed for opening water and soda twist off

Suction Base Vegetable & Fruit Holder

The Suction Base Vegetable & Fruit Holder helps make peeling vegetable and fruits with one hand easier. This adapted food holder has a large suction base with 2 sharp prongs attached.The rubber

Verti-Grip Rocker Knife

The Verti-Grip Rocker Knife is a vertical handle rocker knife designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities or use of only one hand. This knife requires predominantly downward pressure and

Rocking T Knife Carrying Case

The Rocking T Knife Carrying Case allows users to safely transport the Rocking T Knife. This vinyl carrying case is made to fit the Rocking T Knife. People using the Rocking T

Peeling Plate

The Peeling Plate is an adapted plate with an attached vegetable and fruit holder. Two sharp plastic prongs securely hold vegetables or fruits for peeling with one hand. The Peeling Plate makes

Melaware Fork

The Melaware Fork has a lightweight easy to hold handle that fits comfortably in the hand. The straight handle measures 1 inch in diameter at the base and tapers to 3/4 inch.

Melaware Knife

The Melaware Knife features a knife blade that will cut with both slicing and rocking motions. The tapered handle of this adapted knife is easy to grasp and fits comfortably in the

Rocking T Knife

The Rocking T Knife requires less strength and dexterity than other knives for cutting food. Simply apply gentle pressure to the handle with your whole hand then simply rock back and forth.