Colored Foam Tubing Grips

Colored Foam Tubing Grips are helpful for cushioning and making a variety of items easier for gripping. These closed cell foam tubes can be used to build up handles on eating utensils, toothbrushes, pens, pencils, tools and other hard to grasp items. To use, simply cut the foam tubing to the desired length. Each colored foam tubing is has a different inner diameter to fit large or small handles. The Colored Foam Tubing Grips are soft foam tubes that are latex free, slip resistant, non-absorbent and dishwasher safe. Easily cut to the length needed, and slide the tube over the handle. Carefully slit foam with a knife or scissors to slide on railings, bars or brackets. Foam tubes provide comfortable cushioning for painful hands and increase softness for improving grip. Each tube measures 12 inches long, and each package contains 6 foam tubes. The assorted package includes 2 of each size. Colored Foam Tubing Grips Specifications: Length: 12 inches. Package of: 6 foam tubes. Tan measures: Inner diameter 1/4 inch, outer diameter 1 1/8 inch. Red measures: Inner diameter 3/8 inch, outer diameter 1-1/8 inch. Blue measures: Inner diameter 5/8 inch, outer diameter 1-1/8 inch. Choose: Tan, Red, Blue, or Assorted Package of 2 of each size. WARNING: Important information for California residents