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In the Kitchen

Adaptive knives, forks, spoons, plates, bowls and other adapted eating utensils. Here you will find helpful products that make eating and feeding tasks easier. More »

On The Move

On The Move

You will find these helpful adaptive items here: walker baskets, wheelchair bags, wheelchair accessories, walker accessories, walker glides, swivel cushions, folding carts, walking aids, and other mobility aids. More »

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Around the House

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Grip Solutions Footplate Pad

The Grip Solutions Footplate Pad is a non-slip cover for a wheelchair foot plate. This durable cover allows users to keep their foot correctly positioned on the footplate, preventing potential ankle and

Grip Solutions Wedge

The Grip Solutions Wedge is a lightweight, non-slip angled pad that keeps items in place for easy access. Users can easily see, reach and grasp items from the non-slip wedge surface secured

Grip Solutions Drink Holder

The Grip Solutions Drink Holder securely holds a drink on the Grip Solutions Lap Board or Grip Solutions Activity Pad. This clear, wide base cup holder is designed to stabilize a drink

Grip Solutions Mug Holder

The Grip Solutions Mug Holder is a uniquely shaped holder for mugs with a single handle. This drink carrier securely holds a cup or mug on the Grip Solutions Lap Board or

Grip Solutions Long Lap Board

The Grip Solutions Long Lap Board is a non-slip, rigid multi-use pad that fits comfortably on a person s lap while sitting in a wheelchair or on a sofa. This board works

Juvo Premium Standing Cane Tip

The Juvo Premium Standing Cane Tip is a wide base replacement cane tip that helps to improve the performance of a standard walking cane. This patent-pending large cane tip provides superior traction,

Grip Solutions Lap Board

The Grip Solutions Lap Board is a rigid, non-slip multi-use pad useful for transporting a variety of items and preventing spills. This sturdy board has non-slip material on both sides, providing a

Juvo Travel Seat Cane

The Juvo Travel Seat Cane easily slides open to change from a traditional cane to a convenient seat. Tri-pod design with vinyl contoured-tipped legs provides support, balance and temporary seating for resting

Easy Reach Seat Belt Handle Extension

The Easy Reach Seat Belt Handle Extension is a flexible, one piece, lightweight handle providing an easier way for users to reach their seat belt. Some seat belts are positioned so they

Triple Loop Quad Leg Lifter

The Triple Loop Quad Leg Lifter allows the arms to be used to help lift a leg onto a wheelchair rest, bed, or into a car. Three loops provide forearm assisted leg

Jumbo Shopping Cart

The Jumbo Shopping Cart is ideal for carrying groceries, laundry and many other utility purposes. This folding shopping cart is easy to assemble, and folds flat for storage.The Jumbo Shopping Cart is

Super Shopping Cart

The Super Shopping Cart is an exceptional high quality folding shopping cart featuring heavy duty wire and steel tubing and a reinforced bottom. This super sized shopping cart is ideal for carrying

Mini Shopping Cart

The Mini Shopping Cart is ideal for carrying groceries or laundry and other utility purposes. This easy to assemble cart folds flat for storage. This exceptional high quality and durable four wheel

Jumbo Liner for Medium, Jumbo and Super Folding Shopping Carts

The Jumbo Liner has a square bottom and securely fits the Medium, Jumbo and Super Folding Shopping Carts. This durable liner can be removed from the foldable shopping cart and be used

Mini Liner for Mini Shopping Cart

The optional Mini Liner for Mini Shopping Cart can be removed from the folding shopping cart and used as a carrying tote. This liner has a square bottom which increases its capacity.The

Medium Shopping Cart

The Medium Shopping Cart is a 4 wheel foldable shopping cart with durable epoxy coated finish. This 13 lb cart holds up to 125 pounds and is ideal for carrying groceries, laundry

Helping Hand Leg Up Leg Lifter

The Helping Hand Leg Up Leg Lifter is a mobility aid that allows users to lift a weak or cast leg without bending. This leg lifting aid has a padded handle, and

Penco Walker Ski Glides

The Penco Walker Ski Glides are designed to fit front-wheeled walkers with 1 inch to 1-1/8 inch tubing diameter. Penco Walker Glides feature a patented, self-fitting mechanism for easy installation. These walker

Carry-All Walker Pouch with Pockets

Universal Carry-All Pouch with Pockets features multiple handy storage compartments. Washable navy denim fabric. Hook and loop closures secures walker bag to walker, wheelchair or bedrail. Bottom ties prevent bag from swinging

Carry-All Walker Pouch

The Carry-All Walker Pouch features a large single pocket for carrying items. Velcro hook-and-loop closure secures bag to walker, wheelchair, or bedrail. Navy denim with white trim machine washable fabric.Pouch measures 12