SUNzyme Stain & Odor Control Gallon Bottles Case of 4

The SUNzyme Stain and Odor Control Gallon Bottles Case of 4 includes four economy size gallon bottles of the safe, organic, nontoxic formula that eliminates organic stains and odors. This natural blend of 5 different enzyme-producing bacterial strains effectively breaks down organic matter including fats, grease, proteins, urine, cellulose, carbohydrates, starches, and uric salts. Over 200 billion enzyme-producing Colony Forming Units (CFU) per gallon are contained in this highly concentrated formula. SUSzyme Stain and Odor Control is safe to use around people and pets. It can be diluted with water or used at full strength for tougher jobs on water safe surfaces such as carpet, wood, concrete, and many fabrics. Pour SUNzyme on affected areas and gently work into the fibers to saturate. Allow SUNzyme to soak in and air dry (do not blot). To eliminate urine odor from urine bags, simply add 1 oz in pouch. SUNzyme is effective everywhere….. HOUSE AND HOME: Carpets, pet litter boxes, cigarette smoke, drains, kitchen, laundry, painting fumes, mildew, shoe odor HOSPITALS, SCHOOLS, DAY CARE: Gymnasiums, elevators, locker rooms, waste disposal areas, linen, urinals, vomit, toilets, bedpans, carpets, drains, diaper pails ANIMAL AREAS : Floor surfaces, kennels, litter boxes, wall surfaces, urine odors TRANSPORT: Air conditioners, atmosphere, cigarette smoke, carpet, floor and wall surfaces, garbage disposal, vehicle, toilets, urine, vomit FOOD AREAS: Kitchens, produce markets, food halls, garbage bins, garlic odor, oven cleaner odors HEALTH CLUBS, RESTAURANTS, HOTELS, OFFICES : Toilet Areas, waste disposal areas, garbage areas, elevators, concrete surfaces, cigarette smoke, fire damage, kitchen odors, perspiration ATMOSPHERE: Carpets, urinals, ash trays SUNzyme Odor Neutralizer MSDS SUNzyme Stain and Odor Control Gallon Bottles Case of 4 Specifications: Contains: 5 different enzyme-producing bacterial strains at 200 billion CFU per gallon. Includes: Case of 4 one gallon bottles SUNzyme Stain & Odor Control. Ingredients: Natural plant extracts, bacteria cultures that eliminate odors, neutral pH. Directions for use: Concentrated formula. Dilute with tepid water 1:1 or 2:1. Can be used at full strength. Pour liberally or spray on water safe surfaces. Allow Sunzyme to soak in and air dry (do not blot). Made in: USA.