SUNzyme Odor Neutralizer 8 oz Spray Bottles Case of 12

SUNzyme Odor Neutralizer 8 oz Spray Bottles Case of 12 water based odor neutralizer formula consists of ingredients that have been used regularly in food flavors and are safe for the environment. The odor neutralizing blend of natural oils has been formulated and distilled to continuously remove unpleasant odors. When Sunzyme comes into contact with malodors, it combines in the atmosphere to form a neutral substance that biodegrades naturally to restore normal air quality. In many areas where Sunzyme is used continuously, the residual effect impedes the re-occurrence of the odor. Sunzyme can be sprayed into the air or directly onto surfaces. Kitchens, bathrooms, hospitals, schools, restaurants, waste water plants, and hotels are examples of only a few areas where Sunzyme can be applied. SUNzyme is effective everywhere….. HOUSE AND HOME: Carpets, pet litter boxes, cigarette smoke, drains, kitchen, laundry, painting fumes, mildew, shoe odor HOSPITALS, SCHOOLS, DAY CARE: Gymnasiums, elevators, locker rooms, waste disposal areas, linen, urinals, vomit, toilets, bedpans, carpets, drains, diaper pails ANIMAL AREAS : Floor surfaces, kennels, litter boxes, wall surfaces, urine odors TRANSPORT: Air conditioners, atmosphere, cigarette smoke, carpet, floor and wall surfaces, garbage disposal, vehicle, toilets, urine, vomit FOOD AREAS: Kitchens, produce markets, food halls, garbage bins, garlic odor, oven cleaner odors HEALTH CLUBS, RESTAURANTS, HOTELS, OFFICES : Toilet Areas, waste disposal areas, garbage areas, elevators, concrete surfaces, cigarette smoke, fire damage, kitchen odors, perspiration ATMOSPHERE: Carpets, urinals, ash trays SUNzyme Odor Neutralizer MSDS SUNzyme Odor Neutralizer 8 oz Spray Bottles Case of 12 Specifications: Includes: Twelve 8 ounce spray bottles SUNzyme Odor Neutralizer Spray. Made in: USA. Ingredients: Natural plant extracts. Directions: Mist high into the air (aim toward the ceiling) or spray directly on the odor or surface. Strong odors may require a second application. The light SUNzyme mist will fall down thru the atmosphere and attach itself to the malodor and eliminate it.