Diestco Standard Saddle Armrest Bag for Wheelchairs, Scooters

The Diestco Standard Saddle Armrest Bag straps over a scooter or wheelchair armrest to provide a handy storage area for keys, wallet, phone, glasses, or other personal items. This large single-pocket bag allows users to keep personal belongings secure and within easy reach. The Diestco Standard Saddle Bag mounts to most wheelchair and scooter armrests using a unique “soft to the skin” mounting system and can be mounted on inside or outside of the armrest. The storage bag attaches by wrapping the fabric with the 2-inch hook strap over the top of the armrest and securing it to the 2-inch soft loop strap. Soft mounting material allows the user’s arm to move over the armrest bag without discomfort or skin irritation. Also included is a smaller hook-and-loop strap attached to the bottom of the bag. Securing this strap to the seat post or frame will prevent the bag from swinging outward. Wheelchair and scooter users will find the Diestco Standard Saddle Armrest Bag helpful for keeping personal belongings close and reachable. Diestco Standard Saddle Armrest Bag Instructions Diestco Standard Saddle Armrest Bag Specifications: Measures: 10 inches wide, 8 inches long, 2 inches deep. Fits: Standard wheelchair armrests from 1 inch round tubing to deluxe scooter armrests. Number of Pockets: One. Color: Black. Material: High quality water resistant nylon. Made in: U.S.A.