Power of Red Scoop Dish

The Power of Red Scoop Dish is designed to help users scoop food onto their eating utensil. The suction bottom prevents the dish from moving, providing increased stability to help users who have difficulty using a standard dining plate. The Power of Red Scoop Dish is an adapted dish that provides a bright contrast between the table and the food. To aid in scooping food onto a utensil, this large scoop dish features an extended rim and reverse curve. Users with decreased motor skills will find the suction base prevents sliding and stabilizes the bowl. The Power of Red Scoop Dish adapted dining plate helps users who have difficulty scooping food to increase self feeding. Essential Medical Power of Red Brochure Buy 3 or more and Save $$. Click on Quantity Discount Pricing Above. Power of Red Scoop Dish Specifications: Measures: 9.17 inch diameter, 3 inches high. Capacity: 19 fluid ounces. Materials: Polypropylene. Color: Red. Care: Microwave and dishwasher safe.