Diestco Scooter Walker Holder

The Diestco Scooter Walker Holder is a large pouch with straps that attaches to a scooter seat back for holding a basic style folding walker. People using a mobility scooter will find this walker holder allows them to easily carry a folding walker. The Diestco Scooter Walker Holder is designed to securely carry a standard walker on power mobility scooters or electric wheelchairs. To attach the walker holder to a scooter, slip the harness over the top of the seat back so that the fastening straps and bottom pocket hang from the seat back. Next, tighten the harness at the buckle. Place the folded walker down into the bottom pocket and then pull the fastening straps around your walker and buckle the straps. The Scooter Walker Holder is constructed of high quality water resistant fabric and is made in USA. Scooter Walker Holder Instructions Diestco Scooter Walker Holder Specifications: Measures: 24 inches wide, 10 inches high, 3 inches deep. Material: High quality water resistant fabric. Holds: Standard style folding walker. Fits: Scooter and powerchair seat backs from 6 to 26 inches high. Made in: U.S.A.