Snap-N-Save Tub Mount Transfer Bench with Molded Swivel Seat

The Snap-N-Save Tub-Mount Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat is an adapted bathtub transfer bench that securely attaches to the tub wall, providing the user a secure place to sit while bathing. The space saving design does not have legs that extend outside of the bathtub. The Snap-N-Save Tub-Mount Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat is made of high quality, rustproof aluminum that makes it lighter, stronger and sturdier than the previous model. The swivel seat allows users to turn the seat, allowing uses to transfer more easily. The swivel seat turns 360 degrees, and locks every 90 degrees. Locking mechanisms on the chair and sliding rails ensure that the seat remains safely in place during transfers. The seat slides easily over polished, high strength aluminum tubes. The seat and back are made of molded plastic, with a non-slip textured finish. Compared to other bathtub transfer benches, this tub mounted transfer bench doesn’t have any legs extending outside of the bathtub, saving space and preventing water from splashing outside of the bathtub. The bench mounts easily to the tub wall without scratching, and fastens with a simple turn of a knob. The seat has a convenient hand-held shower hook, and an adjustable restraint strap for added safety. Non-returnable hygiene item. Tub Mount Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat Instructions Tub Requirements Outer Tub Wall Width: 2.75 – 5.75 inches. (Clamp will not work on rounded-top tub walls). Minimum Tub Width (from outside outer tubwall to inner tubwall at bottom): 25 inches. Inside Tub Wall Height: 13 – 17.5 inches. Snap-N-Save Tub Mount Sliding Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat 77762 Specifications: Seat Measures: 17.75 inches wide, 14.75 inches deep, 1.25 inches high. Back Measures: 14.75 inches wide, 7 inches high, 0.75 inch thick. Seat height: 5 inches from top of tub. Sliding Distance: 8.5 inches. Weight capacity: 350 lbs. Model: Eagle Health 77762 (Replaces 37762). Shipping: UPS Ground. Available Accessories: 77651 – Extra Tall legs for 77-series Sliding Transfer Benches, adds up to 4 inches. 77653 – XX Tall Legs for 77-Series Sliding Transfer Benches adds up to 8 inches. 75003 Optional Armrest.