Tub Mounted Swivel Sliding Ergo Shower Seat

The Tub Mounted Swivel Sliding Ergo Shower Seat by Eagle Health turns and locks allowing users to easily approach and exit the tub. Unlike standard tub transfer benches, this tub bench does not have any legs extending outside of the bathtub, saving space in the bathroom. The Tub Mounted Swivel Sliding Ergo Shower Seat is designed with a seat that turns 360 degrees and locks every 90 degrees, so that the user can turn to the best position for transferring in and out of the bath tub. Specially-designed sliding rings lock the seat at each end of the sliding rails. Locking mechanisms on the chair and sliding rails ensure that the seat remains safely in place during transfers. The legs adjust to a variety of heights. The larger, contoured plastic seat and back has a textured finish. Made of high quality, rustproof aluminum, no tools are necessary for assembly. This adapted tub transfer bench provides a helpful solution for small bathroom spaces and the sliding seat provides a secure and safe transfer. The Tub Mounted Swivel Sliding Ergo Shower Seat increases independence and safety for users with limited mobility. Non-returnable hygiene item. Tub Mounted Swivel Sliding Ergo Shower Seat Specifications: Seat measures: 17.75 inches wide, 17.75 inches deep. Seat height: 5 inches above tub wall. Sliding distance: 8.5 inches. Weight capacity: 350 lbs. Outer Tub Wall Width: 2.75 – 5.75 inches (Clamp will not work on rounded-top tub walls). Minimum Tub Width (from outside outer tub wall to inner tub wall at bottom): 25 inches. Tub Wall Height: 13 – 17.5 inches inside. Model: Eagle Health 78768. Available Accessories: 77651 – Extra Tall legs for 78-series Sliding Transfer Benches, adds up to 4 inches. 77653 – XX Tall Legs for 78-Series Sliding Transfer Benches adds up to 8 inches.