Knee Glide Range of Motion Tool

The Knee Glide is an easy to use tool for effectively increasing the range of motion of a knee or shoulder. This low impact rehabilitation tool, created by physical therapists, allows the foot or hand to easily glide back and forth. The Knee Glide provides safe exercise for both the lower and upper extremities both at home and in a clinic setting. This new rehabilitation aid was created in partnership with physical therapists Robert Schrupp, PT, MA, and Bradley Heineck, PT, CSCS. The user places their foot or hand on the plate, and then simply glides it back and forth. Movement requires only minimal strength, making the device easy to use for anyone recovering from knee replacements or surgeries, hip replacements or fractures, shoulder replacements or surgeries, or stroke. The Knee Glide is also safe to use for those with arthritis or a risk of falling, since the exercises can be performed in a seated or supine position. The Knee Glide weighs 3 pounds and features a carrying handle that can be used to attach the device to a wall for added stability during shoulder exercises. Exercise instructions are also included. Knee Glide Specifications: Includes: Knee Glide, exercise instructions. Measures: 32 inches long, 5 inches wide, 5-1/2 inches high. Weight: 3 pounds. Made in: USA.