Long Toilet to Tub Sliding Transfer Bench

The Long Toilet to Tub Sliding Transfer Bench is a long transfer bench that allows users to sit down, then slide the seat into the tub area from the toilet. This adapted tub transfer bench with very long rails easily moves users from the toilet to the tub. This transfer bench may provide a helpful solution for people with small bathrooms who need a raised toilet seat and a tub transfer bench. The Long Toilet to Tub Sliding Transfer Bench helps make transfers from the toilet to tub easier. The sliding seat is made of sturdy molded plastic with a non-slip textured finish. The seat platform glides smoothly over polished, high-strength aluminum tubes, and the bench is made of rust-proof aluminum. The backrest can be installed on either side of the transfer bench seat. The legs are adjustable in height to fit user and bathtub clearance, and the rubber tips stop movement on wet surfaces. Optional armrests are also available separately. The tub transfer bench is easy to assemble without any required tools. People with disabilities who have difficulty getting in and out of a bathtub will find the Long Sliding Transfer Bench helpful for increasing bathroom independence. Non returnable hygiene item. Long Toilet to Tub Sliding Transfer Bench Instructions Long Toilet to Tub Sliding Transfer Bench Specifications: Seat Size: 20.25 inches wide, 18.5 inches deep. Seat Height: 20.25 to 24.25 inches. Base Width: 54.5 to 55.5 inches. Base Depth: 21.25 to 23 inches. Max toilet/tub clearance: 19 inches. Back Height from Floor: 35 to 38.75 inches. Sliding distance: 29.5 inches. Weight Capacity: 350 pounds. Model: 77963. Shipping: UPS Ground.