Sospendo Hands Free Tablet Holder

The Sospendo Hands Free Tablet Holder is a flexible band connected to a mounting rig, that is designed to wear around the body or to lay on a surface. This devices suspends the device from the user’s body, holding it exactly where it can best be viewed, whether on the couch, in bed, or even standing or walking. This revolutionary support securely holds a tablet or smartphone in the most convenient position for users to easily use their device. The Sospendo Hands Free Tablet Holder consists of a 59 inch long, flexible, sturdy aluminum band covered in soft padding that is designed to mold to different shapes. The flexible band connects to an adjustable rig with a magnetic locking system and elastic cords that securely holds the device in place. The universal mounting rig holder secures a tablet or smartphone up to 10 inches wide, 0.4 inches high in a horizontal or vertical position. The flexible aluminum band can be utilized as a stand or worn around the body. People with limited hand strength who find it difficult to hold their phone and use their tablet at the same time will find the Sospendo Hands Free Tablet Holder allows for easy device viewing and use. Sospendo Hands Free Tablet Holder Instructions Sospendo Hands Free Tablet Holder Specifications: Designed for: iPad, Samsung tablets, Other tablets, iPhone, Samsung phones up to10 inches wide, 0.4 inch high. Materials: Aluminum Band, Silicone Coating, Soft Padding Support. Dimensions: Flexible aluminum band is 59 inches long, mount measures 5 inches long, 3.5 inches wide, 1 inch high. Weighs: 1.30 lbs. Includes: Mounting rig with elastic bands, flexible arm, lightweight travel pouch. Color: White.