Mounted Nail Scrub Brush

The Mounted Nail Scrub Brush has two suction cups that adhere the brush to flat surfaces. This suction scrub brush is great for one-handed cleaning. The Mounted Nail Scrub Brush has two large suction cups that hold the brush in place for cleaning fingernails for one handed users. The half inch soft nylon bristles are set in durable plastic. This adapted nail cleaning brush can be secured to any flat, smooth surface in a kitchen or bathroom. This personal hygiene brush helps users clean their finger nails with one hand. The base of the brush is made of plastic and has two suction cups attached. The rubber suction cups on the lightweight plastic base help secure the brush. The Mount Nail Scrub Brush personal hygiene aid allows individuals to easily wash items using one hand. Non-returnable hygiene item. Mounted Scrub Brush Specifications: Brush measures: 1-1/4 inches wide, 4 inches long. Nylon bristles measure: 1/2 inches in length. Base Material: Plastic.