Tranquility ATN Heavy Protection Incontinence Briefs Large

Tranquility ATN Heavy Protection Incontinence Briefs Large are premium disposable adult briefs that provide maximum absorbency. These “ATN” All-Through-the-Night briefs are designed to keep the skin dry, control odor, and neutralize pH to allow users the ultimate sleep experience. Tranquility ATN Heavy Protection Incontinence Briefs are latex-free, disposable adult briefs with maximum absorbency. The full-fit design extends over the hips for added front and back protection keeping side sleepers more comfortable. The plastic-backed material keeps bedding dry. The premium super-absorbent core holds and locks in up to 34 ounces of fluid, which provides ample capacity for those who void multiple times at night. Fluid stays in the core and will not be squeezed even when the wearer moves around in their sleep. Peach core contains super-absorbent polymers that help ensure skin dryness, odor reduction, pH neutralization of urine, and inhibition of bacterial growth. The unique Kufguards inner leg cuffs channel fluids into the core, helping to contain high-volume urge episodes and bowel incontinence, and the soft leg elastics stop leaks. The wetness indicator makes it easy and convenient to know when a change is needed. Tranquility ATN Heavy Protection Incontinence Briefs poly-backed briefs with an expanded surface area provide longer wear-time by absorbing multiple voids, helping caregivers focus less on leaks and more on getting a calm and restful night of sleep. Tranquility ATN Heavy Protection Incontinence Brief Large Specifications: Absorbency: Heavy Absorbency. Backing Material: Plastic Backing. Color: White. Fastening Type: Refastenable Tabs. Gender: Unisex. Leg Style: Inner Leg Cuffs. Choose size: Large Bag of 12 or Case of 96. Large fits: 45 to 58 Inch Waist / Hip. Topsheet Material: Cloth-like Topsheet. Model: 2186. Made in: USA.