Tranquility Swimmates Swim Diapers

Tranquility Swimmates Swim Diapers are designed to provide protection and security when immersed in water, with minimal swelling, falling apart, or making a mess in the pool. The unique underwear-style swim diaper is different from baby diapers, adult pull-on disposable underwear, or other absorbent products. Tranquility Swimmates Swim Diapers are disposable adult swim diapers that are worn under a bathing suit by both men and women, for discreet bowel incontinence protection. The Kufguards inner leg cuffs help contain bowel incontinence, providing users an extra sense of security that the pool and their bathing suit will stay clean. This swim diaper is not made from normal absorbent materials found in typical incontinence care products; it is designed to have minimal swelling and does not break apart in water. This adult swim diaper is disposable, eliminating the need to wash them, unlike reusable diaper covers. The tear-away side seams make for easy removal and disposal. Incontinence garments are typically sized and measured by the size of the wearerย’s waist and hips, as well as their weight. The smallest Swimmates size, Small/Youth XL, is designed for wearers with waist and hip measurements of 22 to 36 inches and a weight of 80 ย– 125 pounds. Medium is 34 to 48 inches and 120 ย– 175 pounds, and Large is 44 ย– 54 inches and 170 ย– 210 pounds. The Extra-Large Swimmates size is ideal for those with waist/hip measurements of 48 to 66 inches and a weight of 210 ย– 250 pounds. Swimmates are also available in an XXL-Plus/Bariatric size that works best for wearers with waist/hip measurements of 62 to 80 inches who weigh 250 pounds or more. Tranquility Swimmates Swim Diapers provide dignity, confidence, and discretion for users in aqua therapy sessions, swim classes, and other pool settings. Tranquility Swimmates Swim Diapers Specifications: Style: Pull On with Tear Away Seams. Backing Material: Cloth-like Backing. Color: White. Gender: Unisex. Leg Style: Kufguards Inner Leg Cuffs. Choose size: Small/Youth XL 22 to 36 inches and a weight of 80 ย– 125 pounds, Medium 34 to 48 inches and 120 ย– 175 pounds, Large 44 ย– 54 inches and 170 ย– 210 pounds, X-Large 48 to 66 inches and 210 ย– 250 pounds, XXL-Plus/Bariatric 62 to 80 inches and 250 pounds or more. Topsheet Material: Cloth-like Topsheet. Made in: USA.