Tranquility Heavy-Duty Underpads

Tranquility Heavy-Duty Underpads are disposable underpads with an extra-strong, cloth-like back sheet that is slip resistant and resists tearing. These highly absorbent underpads quickly wick and lock fluids away, helping to maintain skin integrity and reduce odor. Choose from the Bag of 10 or Case of 60. Tranquility Heavy-Duty Underpads are heavy-duty disposable underpads that provide leakage protection and are capable of absorbing up to 1 quart of liquid for reliable defense. Designed with a strong, clothlike back sheet that resists tearing as the user moves around on the underpad. These large 30-inch wide, 36-inch long disposable underpads provide protection for mattresses, furniture, and chairs. The soft cloth-like top sheet provides a comfortable surface. These pads are highly absorbent and quickly lock away fluids, providing reliable protection. When users move around at night when sleeping, this heavy-absorbent polymer underpad resists slipping and tearing. Caregivers will find the Tranquility Heavy-Duty Underpads with an extra-strong, clothlike back sheet provides better protection and is more comfortable than standard disposable underpads. Tranquility Heavy-Duty Underpads Specifications: Size: 30 inches wide, 36 inches long. Capacity ย– C.U.P.S. (oz.): 34 oz. Color: White. Topsheet: Cloth-like Topsheet. Choose: Bag of 10 or Case of 60. Model Number: 2088. Made in: USA.