Range-Master Pink Pulley Shoulder Pulley

The Range-Master Pink Pulley Shoulder Pulley is a high quality over door shoulder pulley with two wooden handles and a smooth nylon roller pulley. This shoulder pulley is available with a metal bracket that easily attaches the pulley to a standard door. The Pink Pulley includes a Breast Cancer Exercise Guide. This exercise guide focuses on breast cancer rehabilitation to maintain or increase range of motion or help rebuild muscle strength in the shoulders. The custom-made, self-lubricating nylon-roller pulley will not squeak, allowing users to quietly exercise. The wooden dowel handles are easy to grip. The pink cord is easy to adjust the length. Thread the pink line through the laced handle for a quick line length adjustment without re-tying the knot. Why Shoulder Pulley Exercise? Breast surgery cuts through layers of tissue causing scaring and adhesion. Radiation therapy burns the layers of tissue, similarly reducing mobility. Scaring extends into the upper arm if the lymph nodes are removed, increasing fluid in the area. All these symptoms lead to reduced mobility and discomfort in the chest, shoulder and arm. These problems often lead to upper back weakness and restricted range in the shoulder joint. An exercise using a rope and pulley is often used to prevent and treat these symptoms with gentle and painless movement. By passively assisting elevation of the arm, mobility is restored, fluid is recirculated and pain is reduced. Correct use of a pulley to avoid pinching of the tissue inside the shoulder joint is important. Impingement can initially be painless but damages tissues if repeated. Mobility without pain or overstretching is the correct use of a pulley system. Consult a medical professional before any exercise program to avoid complications. By Rob Parker, Physical Therapist. CAUTION: Consult your medical professional before starting any exercise program. Range-Master Pink Pulley Shoulder Pulley Specifications: Includes: Pink Pulley shoulder pulley, Breast Cancer Exercise Guide. Handles measure: 4 inches long, 1 inch diameter. Materials: Pink nylon rope, nylon pulley, wooden handles, over door bracket.