Danmar Bar Stabilizer Swim Aid

The Danmar Bar Stabilizer Swim Aid is a lightweight bar that provides additional support for swimming. Users with a wide range of swimming abilities will find the bar helpful for pool exercises. The Danmar Bar Stabilizer Swim Aid measures 3 feet long and has 3 flotation rings on each end. This lightweight bar is designed to help users maintain balance and equilibrium during pool gait training for stroke recovery or for postural support during water aerobics. The amount of flotation can be adjusted by adding or removing the rings. The rings are made of marine flotation foam that will not sink or absorb water, even if cut or punctured. Each ring is triple-coated with a durable vinyl finish in bright yellow, making them highly visible in the water. Additional swim rings are available if needed for providing additional support. The Danmar Bar Stabilizer Swim Aid is a simple, lightweight swim stabilizer for those engaging in pool workouts or swim therapy. Danmar Bar Stabilizer Swim Aid Specifications: Measures: 3 feet long. Material: Ensolite marine flotation foam, a closed-cell polyvinyl foam. Color: Yellow. Custom colors available by special request. Accessories: Additional rings available. Made in: USA.