MobiCushion Alternating Pressure Relief Cushion

The MobiCushion Alternating Pressure Relief Cushion provides exceptional pressure relief and comfort for wheelchair users, and can also be used on almost any sitting surface. This pneumatic seat cushion is used in medical facilities, rehabilitation centers, manual or power wheelchairs, as well as non-wheelchair seats. The MobiCushion Alternating Pressure Relief Cushion is a lightweight and portable seat cushion that helps to prevent and treat pressure sores by providing a consistent cycle of alternating airflow for optimal pressure relief and comfort. Similar to an alternating pressure mattress, the cushion improves the user’s circulation by inflating and deflating the air pressure flowing through the air cells. This innovative wheelchair cushion can be used in the static mode to provide a comfortable cushion, or in the alternating airflow mode to stimulate the tissues. The one-piece cushion has a firm foam base with medial thigh support for postural stability and to prevent thigh adduction. Four air cells cycle the air throughout the cushion. For individualized seating comfort, the cushion conforms to the user’s particular needs by using pressure sensor technology for automatic control that will make intuitive adjustments for the user’s body weight. The user-friendly touchpad includes setting controls that provide visual and audible operating status and fault indication. The user can control static or alternating pressure distribution modes, air-pressure cycle time, five comfort level settings, and view the low pressure/low battery alarm mode. Users can plug the cushion into a wall outlet while being used at home or at work, or use the rechargeable lithium battery to provide up to 12 hours of operation on a single charge. The water-resistant 4-way stretch cover is conveniently vapor-permeable for breathability, made with low-shear material to further protect against pressure injuries and skin tears. The MobiCushion Alternating Pressure Relief Cushion provides customizable comfort and a solid foam base for postural stability. MobiCushion Alternating Pressure Relief Cushion Instructions MobiCushion Alternating Pressure Relief Cushion Specifications: Weight capacity: 264 pounds. Dimensions: 17 inches wide, 17 inches long, 4.3 inches high. Weighs: 6.9 pounds. Color: Blue. Material: Polyester, Foam. Care: Cover is machine washable. Power: 12 Hour Lithium -Ion Battery.