EZ ACCESS TILT Toilet Incline Lift

The EZ ACESS TILTยฎ Toilet Incline Lift is an easy to use, push button toilet seat lift that helps prevent falls in the bathroom. This patented toilet lift provides users increased bathroom safety and independence. The EZ ACESS TILTยฎ Toilet Incline Lift featured a remote control that allows the user or caregiver to easily operate the seat with the push of a button. The lift has a lightweight design, and the entire unit weighs just 34 pounds. The non-slip hand grips provides users a secure grip while the seat raises and lowers. The seat lift fits with bowl heights ranging from 14 to 21 inches. The unit attaches directly to the bowl and allows the user to move 7-1/2 inches forward for improved balance and optimal positioning for standing. The frame and assembly is protected by a plastic shield, which can easily be removed to be cleaned. The low angle of the unit allows for easier lateral transfers from mobility devices, transport chairs, etc. In the down position, the arms are lower than the seat for sliding board transfers. By combining the functionality of a heavy duty commode and a lift chair, the lightweight and durable adapted raised toilet seat offers an easy-to-use bathroom safety solution. The EZ ACESS TILTยฎ Toilet Incline Lift provides users a safe and easy way to stand from the toilet. Non-returnable hygiene item. EZ ACESS TILTยฎ Toilet Incline Lift Instructions EZ ACESS TILTยฎ Toilet Incline Lift Specifications EZ ACESS TILTยฎ Toilet Incline Lift Brochure EZ ACESS TILTยฎ Toilet Incline Lift Specifications: Choose: Elongated Seat or Standard Seat. Motor: 120VAC 60Hz. Cycle Time: 15-20 seconds to lift/lower. Weight Capacity: 325 lbs. Dimensions: 24 inches wide, 18 inches high, 24 inches deep. Weight: 34 lbs. Accommodates: Individuals ranging in height from 5 ft 2 inches to 6 ft 4 inches. Activation: Wired, push button control with 9 foot coil cord. Electrical: 10 foot power cord. (NEW! Battery powered option now available!) Made in: USA.