Hinged Elevated Toilet Seat

The Hinged Elevated Toilet Seat is a 3 inch high toilet seat riser with a unique hinged design. This raised toilet seat allows the user’s existing toilet seat to be open and closed. The Hinged Elevated Toilet Seat is constructed of molded plastic and raises the toilet seat 3.5 inches. Raised toilet seats are often attached to the toilet bowl with the toilet seat remaining open at all times. This toilet seat with hinge allows the user to close the toilet lid. This toilet seat riser is made of two parts which are hinged together, allowing the ring to be lifted in the same manner as a standard toilet seat, for easier cleaning. The Hinged Elevated Toilet Seat is installed using the existing toilet seat and cover and does not significantly change the appearance of the toilet. The toilet seat riser elevates the seating position by 3 inches for easy sitting and rising. Because of the hinged feature, the user will find cleaning is much easier. The Hinged Elevated Toilet Seat is easy to install with the included hardware kit, and is available in a standard or elongated model. For health safety, this is a non-returnable hygiene product. Hinged Elevated Toilet Seat Instructions Hinged Elevated Toilet Seat Specifications: Weight Capacity: 300 lbs. Seat height elevation: 3 inches. Round model dimensions: 10.5 inches long inside opening, 17 inches long overall, 13 inches wide. Elongated model dimensions: 13.5 inches long inside opening, 19.5 inches long overall, 14 inches wide. Made in: USA. WARNING: Important information for California residents