HealthCraft Advantage Rail

The HealthCraft Advantage Rail is a floor mounted support rail that features an innovative pivot and lock technology to help make transfers easier. This unique safety rail accommodates multiple hand positions and can be installed in rooms where a floor to ceiling pole is not suitable. People with limited mobility will find this transfer aid provides versatility and stability. The HealthCraft Advantage Rail provides vertical and horizontal support and features 8 different locking positions (one at every 45 degrees). The floor-mounted transfer support features unique technology that allows the horizontal support to pivot to the position needed, and lock in place for sturdy support. The rail can be installed in a bedroom, bathroom, or wherever free-standing support is needed to help make transfers easier. The HealthCraft Advantage Rail is the perfect solution for providing safe support for transfers in rooms that will not accommodate a floor to ceiling support pole. HealthCraft Advantage Rail Instructions HealthCraft Advantage Rail Specifications HealthCraft Advantage Rail Specifications: Material: Alloy steel. Finish: Anti-microbial powder coat white gloss finish. Grip material: Non-slip, PVC closed cell foam, latex free. Maximum Weight Capacity: 300 pounds. (Standard) Rail Diameter: 1.5 inches. Support Arm Length: 17 inches. Height Adjustable: 30 – 38 inches. Installation Mechanism: Secures to floor (hardware dependent on floor type). Installation Hardware/Fasteners: 1/4 inch diameter, 3 inches long lag bolts are included. Fasteners Concealed: Metal base plate covers mounting screws.