Medi-Beads Foot Wraps

The Medi-Beads Foot Wraps are designed to provide hot or cold therapy to tired, aching ankles and feet. These microwavable moist heat foot wraps are ready for use in just a minute and are applied directly to the site of pain, for immediate pain relief. The foot wraps continue to deliver therapeutic moist heat to the feet for up to thirty minutes. This is the medically recommended treatment time for heat therapy within a three to four hour period. Medi-Beads recharge quickly and can be used again as necessary. Medi-Beads safely deliver a clean moist 20 minute heat treatment when microwaved for only 60 seconds. They take their moisture from the air, so it is not necessary to add water. Medical professionals recommend moist heat because it penetrates deeply and quickly to increase blood flow to reduce pain and relax muscles. Alternatively, Medi-Beads can be put in the freezer to provide cold therapy when it is desired. Medi-Beads Instructions Medi-Beads Foot Wraps Specifications: Includes: One pair. Fits: Up to men’s size 12. Measures: 5 inches wide, 13 inches long. Care Instructions: Hand wash in a mild detergent and allow to air dry 24 hours. Material: Non-toxic and latex free. Made in: USA.