Soft Comfort Tri-Sectional Hot & Cold Pack

Soft Comfort Tri-Sectional Hot & Cold Pack is designed specifically to contour around the upper back, across the shoulders, and up the neck for a large coverage area. Easy to use non-toxic biodegradable gel pack provides therapeutic cold or heat treatment. Soft Comfort Tri-Sectional Hot & Cold Pack contains non-toxic biodegradable gel that retains therapeutic temperatures longer than traditional packs. This reusable gel pack features a soft cover that is gentle on the skin and does not need to be wrapped in a towel, making it is easy for seniors and disabled to use. Store it in the freezer until needed for cold therapy applications, the gel pack will remain soft and flexible. Warm in a microwave for heat therapy applications, to aid muscle relaxation and to promote healing. This large 11 inch wide, 15 inch long with three sections is ideal for upper back muscle pain, shoulder sprains, tension headaches, herniated cervical discs, or relaxing muscles after a long day at work. Soft Comfort Tri-Sectional Hot & Cold Pack Specifications: Heat Therapy Instructions: Heat for 30 seconds in microwave, knead, then check. Continue heating in 10 second intervals until desired warmth is reached. Knead after each heating and check with the pack with the palm of your hand before applying. Cold Therapy Instructions: Place in freezer for 2-3 hours until correct temperature is reached. Can be stored in freezer until ready to use. Measures: 11 x 15 inches. Materials: Food grade propylene glycol USP, Bentonite clay, Water. Cover: Polyethylene/polyester. Weighs: 3.75 lbs. Made in: USA. Includes: One CorPak Soft Comfort Tri-Sectional Hot and Cold Pack.