Polar Ice Foot-Ankle Wrap

The Polar Ice Foot -Ankle Wrap is an easy to apply soft fleece wrap with ice packs that wraps the whole foot and ankle in soothing cool therapy. This cold pack is designed to deliver the benefits of cryotherapy with compression for soft tissue trauma around the foot and ankle. Polar Ice Foot-Ankle Wrap with encapsulated ice packs provides soothing, long lasting cold therapy. The natural spring water ice pack freezes within 30-45 minutes. The water is contained in tiny cells which allow the wrap to conform to the contours of the ankle and foot. The hook-and-loop straps help provide compression and securely hold the wrap in place. The cooling feeling will last about 30 minutes. The soft fleece material covering provides comfortable protection for the skin to prevent it from getting too cold. The Polar Ice Foot-Ankle Wrap is ideal for post-surgery, during rehabilitation and following physical activity. The Polar Ice Foot-Ankle provides soothing cold therapy with compression to the whole foot and ankle for relief from bruises, sprains, or inflammation after an injury. Brown Med Polar Ice Instructions Polar Ice Foot-Ankle Wrap Specifications: Size: Universal. Measures: 16 inches wide, 8.75 inches long. Item weighs: 1 pound. Care: Hand wash and air dry the fabric wrap without the ice inserts. Color: Blue/Green. Made in: USA.