Stander Mobility Bed Rail

The Stander Mobility Bed Rail is a bed safety rail with leg extensions and an additional pivoting support handle. People who need support for transferring out of bed to a wheelchair will find this mobility handle helpful. The Stander Mobility Bed Rail is a combination bed rail and transfer handle. The half-size bed rail helps to prevent nighttime falls. The legs extend to the floor and provide extra stability for users to safely stand. The swing-out arm pivots 180 degrees and swings out 19 inches past the bed, providing additional support for users when transferring in and out of a wheelchair. The arm can be placed on either side of the rail during assembly. Anti-slip grips secure the rail in between the mattress and bed frame, no safety strap is needed. The ergonomic cushion handle provides a comfortable grip. The included 4 pocket organizer provides storage space for personal items. The Mobility Rail can be installed on most traditional beds. It also works with platform beds with slats running length-wise from top to bottom and beds with slats running width-wise with gaps between slats that are 5 inches or less. The Stander Mobility Rail supports up to 300 pounds and the unique swing-out mobility arm is perfect for anyone who has to transfer out of bed to a wheelchair or walker. Stander Mobility Bed Rail Instructions Stander Mobility Bed Rail Specifications: Height adjustment from floor to top of handle: 31 inches – 44 inches. Height adjustment from mattress base to top of handle: 17.5 inches – 22.5 inches. Fits mattress thickness of: 8 ย– 18 inches. Rail width: 18 inches. Height range from floor to horizontal support structure under mattress: 13.5 inches – 21.5 inches. Depth of horizontal support structure under mattress: 20 inches. Mobility Arm: Swings out 19 inches away from bed. Weight of product: 10.5 lbs. Weight capacity: 300 lbs. Made of: Steel frame with durable powder coat finish. Includes: 4 pocket organizer. Bed Types: Attaches to most traditional home beds; not intended for us on adjustable beds. WARNING: Important information for California residents