Ring Writing Clips

The Ring Writing Clips includes a package of 3 writing aids in different sizes. The rings position and hold a writing utensil with less stress on the user’s hand and fingers. The Ring Writing Clips consist of two linked rings, one for the finger and one for the writing utensil. These holders position and angle the writing utensil correctly. Little or no gripping ability is required when using these writing aids. The clips offer extra control to overcome gripping difficulties and limited dexterity. Users place their finger or thumb in the larger ring and the pen, pencil, or other writing implement to be used inside the smaller ring. The rings automatically position and angle the pen correctly for use whether the user is right or left handed. These adapted writing aids can be used with pens, pencils, crayons, paint brushes, tooth brushes, razors, and other utensils. Each bag of 3 ring clips contain one of each size. Users who have difficulty holding a pen will find the Ring Writing Clips easy to use to make writing easier. Ring Writing Clips Specifications: Sizes: Small 0.58 inch, Medium 0.73 inch, Large 0.87 inch inner diameter. Includes: Package of 3, 1 of each size ring. Color: Blue. Fits: Right or left hand. Material: Polyethylene.