Big Grip Bendable Weighted Fork

The Big Grip Bendable Weighted Fork has a heavier handle designed to help steady the user’s hand when dining. The 6 ounces of weight in the built-up handle provides more control for people with limited hand control, Parkinson’s disease, hand tremors or spasticity. The Big Grip Bendable Weighted Fork features a large, cushion, non-slip handle that is comfortable to grip. The patented soft, built up, non-slip handle minimizes stress on the user’s fingers, hand, and wrist. Flexible ribbing prevents slipping even when wet. The metal shaft can be bent from 0ยบ to 90ยบ to the best angle for those with decreased mobility or dexterity. Twist built into the stainless steel shaft allows the fork be bent for either right or left hand use. This bendable adaptive fork with sharp stainless steel tines and easy to grip comfortable handle with added weight provides added stability for users with hand tremors. Buy 3 or more and Save $$. Click on Quantity Discount Pricing Above. Big Grip Bendable Weighted Fork Specifications: Weighs: 6 oz. Handle diameter: 1-3/8 inch. Handle circumference: 3-1/2 inches. Handle length: 4-1/4 inches. Material: Stainless steel fork, latex free handle. Includes: One Big Grip Bendable Weighted Fork.