Easi Grip Garden Tools Fork

The Easi Grip Garden Tools Fork has a new handle shape that makes it more comfortable to use to make transplanting plants easier. The upright ergonomic handle keeps the hand and wrist in a natural position. The Easi Grip Garden Tools Fork allows users to keep their hand and wrist in a fist-grip position to help prevent strain and discomfort, so gardening is more enjoyable. The fork tines are made a stainless steel which helps prevent soil adhesion, and the metal part of fork has been updated to increase strength and durability. The upright handle has a soft feel and is non-slip, even in wet conditions. The shape of handle has been updated to make them even more comfortable to use, with increased yellow area of handle to assist locating them in garden or shed. The Easi Grip Garden Fork can be used with the plug-in Arm Support Cuff which allows the strength of the forearm to also be used. Easi Grip Garden Fork Specifications: Length: 10 inches. Weight: 9 oz. Material: Stainless steel fork. Color: Green and yellow.