KE Classic Bendable Utensils Set

The KE Classic Bendable Utensils Set are stainless steel eating utensils that can be bent to the left or right. People with limited grip, arm or hand movement will find the non-slip, built up handles comfortable to hold to increase dining independence. The KE Classic Bendable Utensils have light gray rubber handles that are non-slip, oval shaped, and measure 1-3/8 inch diameter, 4 inches long. The shaft design on the spoons and fork allow the utensils to be bent for left or right angles. The KE Classic Rocker Knife features a curved style rocker blade that helps make cutting food easier. These stainless steel utensils are dishwasher safe. The manufacture recommends the utensil should only be bent once to desired angle (repeated bending back and forth will cause the utensil to break.) KE Classic Bendable Utensils Set Specifications: Handle measures: 1.375 inches wide, 4 inches long. Item weights: Fork 2.9 oz., Teaspoon 3.0 oz., Soupspoon 3.2 oz., Knife 3.1 oz. Color: Light gray. Materials: Stainless steel. Includes: One KE Classic Bendable Fork, one KE Classic Rocker Knife, one KE Classic Bendable Teaspoon, and one KE Classic Bendable Soup Spoon. Care: Dishwasher safe.