Big Grip Bendable Coated Tablespoon

Big Grip Bendable Coated Tablespoon is a bendable spoon with Plastisol coating to protect teeth and lips. This adapted spoon features high quality stainless steel utensil with chunky, soft, easy to grip non slip handle. The Big Grip Bendable Coated Tablespoon has a non-toxic, food-grade silicone coating for a soft and gentle feel on the mouth. This durable nylon coating is designed to provide cushioning for the bite for people with sensitive teeth. A Twist in the shaft allows the tablespoon to be bent for either left or right-handed use to minimize bending of the wrist to reach the mouth. The shaft is insert molded into the handle for a tighter, leak-proof connection. Patented soft, built up, non-slip handle requires less hand strength and minimizes stress on fingers, hand, and wrist compared to standard silverware. Big Grip Bendable adapted eating utensils have large, easy to hold handles made of soft rubber material. The Good Grips Coated Tablespoon is not recommended for individuals with heavy biting reflexes. Big Grip Bendable Coated Teaspoon and Big Grip Bendable Coated Youth Spoons are available. Buy 3 or more and Save $$. Click on Quantity Discount Pricing Above. Big Grip Bendable Coated Tablespoon Specifications: Handle diameter: 1-3/8 inch. Handle circumference: 3-1/2 inches. Handle length: 4-1/4 inches. Material: Stainless steel spoon, Plastisol coating, latex free handle. Includes: One Big Grip Bendable Coated Tablespoon.