Inner Lip Red Plate

The Inner Lip Red Plate has a raised rim around the entire plate that helps to prevent food from sliding off the plate. This unique yet simple design assists people with independent eating issues such as poor muscle control. The Inner Lip Red Plate is a bright red adapted dining plate and eating aid created for persons with declining vision or Alzheimer’s who have difficulty identifying foods on white or light colored plates. Studies have discovered that a high contrast background makes it easier for users to see the food on the plate which may help them maintain a healthy calorie intake and weight. Using the raised lip of this adapted dinner plate, food can be pushed onto a fork or spoon. The Inner Lip Red Plate looks like a regular plate, but provides extra depth and a wide rim. The durable plastic plate measures 9 inches in diameter with a 1/2 inch depth raised edge, and is dishwasher and microwave safe. The Inner Lip Red Plate adapted dining plate has a bright red color that provides high contrast background for light colored foods for users with low vision. Inner Lip Red Plate Specifications: Diameter: 9 inches. Depth: 1/2 inch. Extended rim: 1 inch wide. Material: FDA food grade plastic polypropylene. Color: Red. Care: Microwave and dishwasher safe.