Long Spout Adapted Cups Pack of 2

The Long Spout Adapted Cups Pack of 2 adapted drinking cups designed to help control the amount of liquid. The long spout mouthpiece has a large aperture on the lid that helps to regulate the flow of both thin and thick liquids. The Long Spout Adapted Cups is designed with deep contoured grooves all the way around it, making it easier for those with a weak grip or small hands. The lid fastens shut to help prevent unwanted spills. The hole in the top of the lid helps to create a vacuum inside the cup which allows the user to control the flow of the liquid and reduces the effort required to suck. These adapted feeding Cups are often recommended for users who have difficulty swallowing or dysphagia. The convenient lid with a long spout also helps decrease accidental dribbling when tipped over. The cup measures 5.25 inches tall and has a 2.25-inch diameter, the long spout measures an additional 1.5 inches. This adapted drinking cup holds 7.5 ounces and can be used with both hot and cold liquids. Dishwasher and microwave-safe cup with lid is can be comfortably and securely held by hands of all sizes. Designed for individuals with swallowing difficulties and limited upper extremity mobility, the Long Spout Adapted Cups help users to drink easily. Long Spout Adapted Cups Pack of 2 Specifications: Capacity: 7.5 ounces, hot or cold liquids. Cup dimensions: 2.25-inch diameter, 5.25 inches high overall. Item weighs: 2 ounces. Lid dimensions: 2.25 inch diameter, 1.5 inch spout length, 1/4 inch spout hole diameter. Care: Dishwasher and microwave safe Includes: Pack of 2. Choose Color: Translucent Blue, Green, or Red.