Action Shear Smart Pad with Shear Smart Cover

The Action Shear Smart Pad , combined with a breathable double-layer Shear Smart cover, significantly reduces the effects of shear while providing superb user comfort. The cube construction of the gel pad surface allows air circulation, provides cushioning from mild impact, heat dissipation and increases sitting comfort. The 9/16 inch Akton Polymer gel cushion will conform to contoured bases for additional support when required. The Action Shear Smart Pad is 100% Akton Polymer. AKTON polymer won’t leak, flow, or bottom out, and it is tissue equivalent. It moves with the user instead of against them, to reduce pressure and shear, the two leading causes of pressure sores. AKTON polymer is easy to clean with standard disinfectant. It will not support microbiological growth, and it won’t absorb body fluids or odors.The Shear Smart Cover is sold with the Shear Smart Pad. The Shear Smart Cover provides significant relief from the effects of shearing and is an effective moisture barrier against incontinence. It offers a complete double layer of low shear material to allow for maximum movement on the pad. Replacement covers are available.Shipping via UPS Ground. This is a non-returnable hygiene item. Shear Smart Pad with Shear Smart Cover Specifications: Thickness: 9/16 inch. Cover: Shear Smart Cover. Material: 100% Akton Polymer. Choose size: 16W x 16D inches, 16W x 18D inches, 18W x 16D inches, 18W x 18D inches.