Active Minds Creative Scenes : The Allotment

The Active Minds Creative Scenes are adapted magnetic puzzles designed for people who can no longer put together jigsaw puzzles. Users can create their own scene using the magnetic pieces by placing them on the background board. Active Minds Creative Scenes was developed after discovering that as people’s dementia progresses, they struggle to pick puzzle pieces up and place them in the correct place. To help prevent frustration, each magnetic piece can be picked up and placed on the background wherever the user chooses. Each scene has beautifully illustrated content, helpful for reminiscing and encouraging conversations. The plastic pieces are very durable and easy to clean, meeting infection control standards. Each Creative Scene is comprised of a themed background board and magnetic pieces which can be moved about freely on the board. This negates the frustration some later-stage users may feel when attempting the Jigsaw Puzzles, as there is no correct solution: the goal is simply for the user to create an arrangement which pleases them. Active Minds Creative Scenes Baking Cupboard and Handyman scenes are available by special order. Active Minds Creative Scenes Specifications: Includes: 26 magnetic pieces, magnetic board. Choose from: Creative Scene The Tool Shed or The Allotment. Measures: 11.5 inches wide, 15.75 inches long. Materials: Durable plastic pieces with magnets.