Easy Wheelchair Push Bar

The Easy Wheelchair Push Bar is an easy to attach adjustable bar that spans the push handles of a wheelchair to help make pushing easier. With this stabilizing bar, a wheelchair can be pushed with one hand. The Easy Wheelchair Push Bar is fully adjustable from 15-1/2 to 24 inches to fit most wheelchairs. The bar increases the height of the push handles 4 inches above the current height, allowing users to easily push without bending over. The ergonomic design allows the person pushing to place their hands in a variety of positions. When using both hands, the Easy Wheelchair Push Bar transfers power directly to the chair with less effort. This helps to make maneuvering steep ramps, inclines, uneven surfaces, soft ground, or carpets much easier. The Easy Wheelchair Push Bar is made from aluminum with the center push bar covered by durable overmolded ABS plastic, and supports 250lbs. To properly measure your chair, measure the distance between the handles, center to center when the chair is fully opened to make sure it’s a good fit. No tools are required for installing the bar, simply open the large knobs completely and loosen the small knobs enough to allow expansion of the bar. The Easy Push Bar can also be removed for easily transporting or storing a wheelchair. Easy Wheelchair Push Bar Instructions Easy Wheelchair Push Bar Specifications: Includes: One Easy Push Bar. Adjusts: 15-1/2 to 24 inches wide. Supports: 250 lbs. Materials: Durable nylon clamps, Aluminum with the center push bar covered by durable overmolded ABS plastic.