Safe-T Mate Wheelchair Hand Grip Extensions

These Safe-T Mate Wheelchair Grip Extensions raise the height of wheelchair hand grips by 5 inches. Hand grip extensions are valuable ergonomic tools that help reduce the need for the person pushing the wheelchair to lean over. The person can maintain a more upright position when pushing their loved one in a wheelchair. Wheelchair Grip Extensions are perfect for low wheelchairs or if the person pushing it is tall. Reducing the need for staff members or caregivers to lean over can help improve back health. When using the Safe-T Mate Wheelchair Grip Extensions, the existing hand grips on the wheelchair do not need to be removed. The grip extensions are sold in pairs and fit most standard wheelchair hand grips. Safe-T Mate Wheelchair Grip Extensions Instructions Safe-T Mate Wheelchair Grip Extensions Specifications: Fits: Most standard wheelchair push handle hand grips. Shipping weight: 2 lbs. Measures: Adds 5 inches to height of existing hand grips. Color: Black. Includes: One pair Wheelchair Grip Extensions. Made in: USA.