EVA Electric Support Walker Standard

The EVA Electric Support Walker Standard is an adapted walker with a battery powered lifting aid that assists users in standing. The EVA Electric Support Walker Standard can lift up to 220 pounds and has a weight limit of 333 pounds. Its base measures 28 inches wide, making it easy to fit thru narrow doorways and hallways while being wide enough to provide walking support. The 4 caster wheels can swivel 360ยฐ and the rear wheels have step-on caster locks. An easy to release lever mechanism allows the height to be adjusted from 36.5 to 50 inches and the arm padding width to be adjusted from 12 to 19 inches. The lift includes 2 rechargeable batteries and a 110V charger. The batteries should last a minimum of 50 times up/down between charges, and it is recommended to charge the batteries once a week for 12 hours. The EVA Electric Support Walker Standard also has a pendant control that allows the user to control the lift, and works independently of the hand grips. There are 3 models to choose from: Standard, Standard with Directional Wheels, Standard with Hand Brakes. The EVA Electric Support Walker Standard with Directional Wheels allows the direction of the rear wheels to be locked to track in a straight line, and released when not needed, allowing all 4 wheels to swivel 360ยฐ. The EVA Electric Support Walker Standard with Hand Brakes allows the user to lock the brakes by pushing the brake lever forward. EVA Electric Support Walker Standard Specifications: Choose model: Standard, Standard with directional wheels, Standard with hand brakes. Height adjusts: 36.5 – 50 inches. Base width: 28 inches. Base length: 28 inches. Inside arm width adjusts: 12 – 19 inches. Padded arm rest measures: 17.5 inches long, 6.5 inches wide. Lifting capacity: 220 lbs. Maximum walker weight capacity: 333 lbs. Accessories available: Push button handgrips with controls, replacement arm pads, basket IV pole, Oxygen tank holder by special order. Shipping: Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery by truck.